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Antipasto Skewers

This recipe for antipasto skewers couldn’t be any easier – simply purchase your favorite italian meats, cheese and vegetables and thread them onto decorative skewers. That’s all there is to it!

Strawberry Crumb Bars

These easy Strawberry Crumb Bars, with a buttery crust, sweet fresh strawberry filling, and crunchy butter crumb topping make wonderful dessert bars for an afternoon snack, or to take to a summer party, picnic, or potluck.

No Pasta Cauliflower Mac N Cheese

… though you can’t expect it to taste just like pasta, but it is still delicious. The mustard in the cheese sauce really mades it.

Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Tender chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and chives wrapped tightly within crispy bacon.

• 2 lb chicken breasts boneless and skinless
• 8 oz cream cheese softened
• 1 tbsp chives chopped
• 12 slices bacon

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Candied Bacon and Pecans

Salty and sweet, together again.

Pepperoni Pizza Waffles

Start a very basic dough recipe and add some fun spices to give it a flavor boost, then stuffed it full of tomato sauce, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese, then covered it with a sprinkling of extra spices and cheese before putting it in the waffle iron to cook!


Chicken, Asparagus, and Bacon Skillet

Less than 30 minutes to prepare dinner? No problem. This chicken, asparagus, and summer squash main-dish recipe will satisfy your family's appetite.


Extra Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges

Thick and crispy oven baked sweet potato wedges! A delicious snack or side.


2 large sweet potatoes, peeled (or unpeeled, if you like skin) and cut into wedges
2 1/2 tablespoons olive oil

1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables

Balsamic vinegar, with its hallmark dark color, syrupy body, and slight sweetness, brings a wonderful out-of-the-ordinary touch to any recipe.


Grilled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Get game day ready with these healthier low calorie Grilled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps! All the same great flavor with half the calories!

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