Coyote Outdoor

The cornerstone of the lineup is the Coyote grill. In all of the available barbeque models, the Coyote grill marries solid construction with strong aesthetics and remarkable performance. Designed to endure, the Coyote grill will be the heart of the outdoor living space.  The ease of use coupled with a great cooking performance makes the Coyote grill a must have for your outdoor kitchen. 

GE Monogram

Creating and personalizing your kitchen is a process that begins in the imagination, progresses to plan on paper and culminates in the realization of your dream.

The GE Monogram Collection opens up a world of palatable possibiities for your kitchen and home.  With three distinct appliance styles and seemingly endless options for customization, only Monogram offers something exquisite to suit every taste.

bold and imaginative

Nothing Cooks Like a Holland Grill

Over two decades ago in a welding shop in North Carolina, Brad Holland changed grilling forever.

As with all grills, Brad struggled with the problem of flare-up and how to keep food from catching fire. After twelve years of hard work and extensive testing, Brad solved the problem.

Grilling enthusiasts and professional caterers have been enjoying the "Holland System" in backyards, on patios, in campgrounds and tailgate parties since 1988.

KitchenAid: Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

It all started in 1919 with the legendary stand mixer.  In the 90 years since, KitchenAid has built an entire kitchen of cooking and cleaning products around the same quality craftsmanship, versatile technology and timeless style.

The complete Viking kitchen. Completely perfect.

Viking Professional ranges deliver ultra-premium features like 18,500 BTU's of surface cooking power, precision burner controls with SureSpark™ ignition, the largest oven capacity available, and flawless convection baking. Warming drawers, convection microwaves, and multi-use chambers combine practicality with liberating convenience.

Wolf Cooking: Leader in Kitchen Appliances, Ranges, Cooktops and Grills

Wolf’s professional heritage brings the highest standards of performance and workmanship to your kitchen.

Built by a company that specializes in cooking, and refined through more than seven decades of demanding use in the best commercial kitchens, Wolf cooking equipment embodies the versatility, durability, and virtuoso performance that are absolute requirements in professional kitchens.
Blending powerful cooking technology with precise control and exceptional ease of use, Wolf is the able, amiable partner every cook needs.

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