Not all laundry is created equal. Most people are used to seeing the typical 27” platform of top and front load laundry units. If you are in a tight space or need an extra set in another area of the home consider the 24” platform units. These washers and dryers are roughly the size of a dishwasher and can be built in, stacked or placed on pedestals and can handle a normal sized laundry load including 7 pairs of jeans!

Washing Machines
Front load or top load, that is the question! Front load washing machines are more energy efficient and will save you time and money in reduced detergent costs. With their high spin speeds front load washers reduce your time in the laundry room as well by cutting down on dryer time thus synchronizing the end of cycle for both machines.

Top Load Washers
All the buzz surrounds front load washing machines these days, but they are more expensive and not everyone wants to invest the money for them. Introducing the newest generation of top load washers that are energy star certified, use far less water than a typical agitator washer and are much more gentle on your clothes. Stop by to see one for yourself.

Having trouble figuring out how to vent your dryer? Consider using a condenser dryer. These dryers do not use a vent, instead they condense and recirculate the moist, warm air to dry your clothes. A regular condenser dryer connected to 220v electric requires only 10% longer to dry your clothes.


Affordable, stylish appliances, that’s us. Find out how our appliances can help you win friends and influence people.

Amana Refrigerator, Inc. was founded in 1934 and named after its city of origin, Amana, Iowa. The company became known for its classic top-freeze and French door-style freezers, and was purchased by Goodman Manufacturing in 1997. The company was then known as Amana Appliances and was sold to the Maytag Corporation in 2001.


Ariston’s philosophy is simple – to become part of everyday life taking care of you, offering domestic appliances unique in style, giving to your house a fine touch of design.

Ariston appliances guarantee quality and performance: they are able to work in total safety and silence in order to accommodate your needs.

Modern shapes and forms, plenty of space with flexible, functional solutions: the home is evolving. Ariston’s keen eye for the new stylistic trends and changes in life styles is looking for new ideas to meet emerging needs.


ASKO is an international corporation with a full line of high-performance washers, dryers and dishwashers.

ASKO appliances still do a better job of cleaning with a fraction of the water, electricity and detergent of ordinary machines.

We offer high quality, environmentally friendly washers, dryers and dishwashwers with Scandinavian deisgn.


Electrolux is a world leading international appliance company. We are a part in the daily life of hundreds of millions of families around the world.

Each year, some 40 million consumers in more than 150 countries choose our products, such as cookers and cooktops, ovens, fridges and freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, room air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. That translates to two products bought from us every second, every day of the year.

Estate by Whirlpool: Easy. Economical. Efficient.

With Estate laundry, you get clean clothes with less hassle! Affordable, sensible solutions for your washing needs that you can depend upon year after year.

Look to Estate for affordable ranges with basic features and easy cleanup for your family's everyday cooking needs.

Fisher & Paykel

With a commitment to excellence and innovative designs that have kept them on the forefront of the appliance industry since 1934, Fisher Paykel offers a complete line of kitchen and laundry appliances that will add not only to the beauty but also the efficiency of your home.

Fisher Paykel kitchen and laundry appliances offer flexibility, convenience and style that is unmatched by their competitors and can be felt with every meal and every load of laundry.

Frigidaire Appliances

Frigidaire Appliances are known for their exceptional value making it a great product at a great price with all the features included.

Whether it is the cooking range with self clean, convection, 5th burner, lower warming drawer all for a fraction of the cost of its competitors, Frigidaire wall ovens are available in single, double & warming drawers.

Frigidaire cook tops come in gas and electric, all have unique Frigdaire style and really fit in flush to your countertop.

GE Appliances

Long referred to as "The Builder's Choice" GE Appliances has provided the contract community feature rich and dependable products for many years.  Most consumers, however, relate GE Appliances to their first apartment or home and have the opinion it is not a top quality product.


GE Profile stylish and innovative appliances home

GE Profile appliances offer the best in contemporary design matched with the latest kitchen technologies.

Every appliance displays a sleek, cosmopolitan and modern look that matches your every last taste in the kitchen and home.

GE has offered 100 years of performance, quality, style and innovation... and we're just getting started!

HotPoint: appliances to fit your style

Hotpoint is a value brand of appliances. The brand offers entry-level appliances in basic styles and colors.

With its low prices and straight-forward designs, Hotpoint is a popular brand for those looking to update a home on a budget.

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